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Do This To Bring Back “The Spark” To Your Relationship

Do This To Bring Back “The Spark” To Your Relationship



Has this ever happened to you?

At the beginning: Oh yes! LOVE is in the air!

 Cynthia is a social butterfly who hated all sorts of sports.  However, after falling in love with her new partner, she suddenly found herself sitting on hard, cold bleachers, watching Tom, release testosterone while attempting to get a ball through a small hoop. He was so much fun to be with, that she didn’t care.

 Tom is the typical cave man. He is not much of a socializer.  However, after falling in love with Cynthia, he suddenly found himself attending charity events with this wonderful, fun, and beautiful girl. Before, he would rather have gone to the dentist and get a root canal,  than subjecting himself to such a long, dull day, but somehow he openly admitted that he was enjoying himself!

 After a few years: Oh no! What happened!?

Cynthia now finds herself nagging and complaining to Tom. He arrived late from his game and, to make matter worse, he dragged mud all over the floor, which she just mopped!

Tom now finds himself cursing under his breath. He resents being talked to as if he were a child. He’s tired and hungry, and Cynthia is always nagging at him while she’s off running to some stupid charity event; again!

 Sound familiar?

Such scenarios occur every day as couples have fallen from one extreme of feeling so deeply in love to the other extreme of feeling deeply frustrated.

 No matter what stage or shape your relationship is in, you have a lot of power to bring back the spark in your relationship, and you can start doing so TODAY.

 Here are a couple of things to get you started:

 1) Spend Quality Time

At the beginning of your relationship you probably spent a lot of time with your partner. In fact, statistics show that couples spend an average of 15 hours/week together when they are in the courting stage.

Unfortunately, with life’s demands this amount of time decreases for the majority of couples. Therefore, it is necessary that you purposely look for opportunities where you can spend quality time together.

That is one-on-one quality time such as reading the same book, having a conversation, enjoying a meal alone without any distractions, etc.

Many times couples spend time together but do completely different things. That is not quality time. You must engage with each other to make the moment productive for your relationship.

 2) Play Together 

Find things that you BOTH enjoy doing just for fun and schedule specific days/times actually to DO them.

You can start this weekend with simple things such as playing with board games or cards, having pillow fights, dancing under the rain, watching a movie, etc.  

For most couples, Fun is the reason they got together, and it is the glue that keeps relationships strong.  So don’t wait and grab any excuse to start playing again!

Make an effort and schedule time together only for the two of you and do something that you both enjoy.

Do not compromise or tolerate. If you want to start to turn things around and bring The Spark back into your relationship you must do exactly what you did when you first started dating each other: have fun!

 I’d love to hear from you!

 When was the last time you played with your partner? Is it easy for you to play together? If not, why? Let me know, I can help! ♥

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