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5 Tips For Surviving Criticism

5 Tips For Surviving Criticism

It’s Christmas Day and dinner is about to be served; It’s one of the only days in the year where both, your family and your husband’s get together.

Sounds great! The truth is, however, that you are making a big effort to be nice to your mother-in-law who is a sharp thorn in your side. She still hates you for having “stolen” her little “angel”, and her penetrating eyes glare at you constantly.

You can actually handle her piercing eyes pretty well, but the fact that she doesn’t miss even the slightest opportunity to criticize you is nerve wracking. Continue Reading

How To Spring Clean Your Life

    Spring is in the air! Spring is my favorite season. Not only does the weather get warmer, but my city turns green again, cute little birds joyously wake me up in the mornings with their lovely melodies, and even the ugly highways come alive with colorful wild flowers -especially the Bluebonnets- that grow… Continue Reading