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Client Stories

“We feel good about the future of our relationship”

Alex & Lisa

 “After working with Silvia, we  feel stronger as a couple knowing that we learned ways to improve our already great friendship, and how we can remain as happy as we are in our future.




Alex Pelling, and Lisa Marie Grant, United Kingdom


“I improved my relationships with myself and my husband”


“Partnering with Silvia has been a gift for me. Silvia is very energetic and she cares deeply about her clients. She shared tools and insights that helped me set boundaries which improved the relationship with myself and my husband.

Silvia’s enthusiasm is so contagious that I dropped my resistance and was able to envision my “best” reality. When I did this, I felt like coming home; not only did I get clarity, but I found a vision that was so true to me. I am very grateful for Silvia’s coaching.”

Gea Sougé-Meijer, Oranjestad, Aruba


“My confidence got truly inspired!”


“Silvia is a wonderful coach and the tools she gave me have enabled me to continue to grow and expand.

My confidence got truly inspired!  Silvia’s coaching was exactly what I needed at the right time!”



Roxanna Glasgow, Austin, TX


“I manifested more abundance in all areas of my life”


“Working with Silvia has been awesome and definitely fruitful. Her coaching has speed-up my natural growth cycles and this has assisted me in manifesting more abundance and joy in all areas of my life, such as my career, economy, relationships and spiritual practice.

She is caring enough to hold your hand through the scary steps and firm enough to help you jump when you need to.

As a woman, artist, entrepreneur and human being I can whole heartedly recommend her services!”

Adriana Martinez, McAllen, TX


“I became a new woman…”


“My life has not been easy since childhood. Now at 41 I had to rediscover and find my true self. Destiny brought me to Silvia who became my personal coach. With her, I have been able to put together each fragment that was lost in my life and I became a new woman.

Now I understand that I have the power to transform my pain into something good for me and my relationships. I even see myself in an entirely new way.

I am very grateful for all the tools that Silvia has taught me to use at key moments in my life. Each session, her love, care, and each and every one of her words has helped me reached new understanding. She has helped me to become a very happy person.”

Mariloli Tena, Mexico City


“No more fears!”


“Working with Silvia as a coach feels like a deep breath and a big smile. She is gentle, but firm in her ability to guide me back to the issues I need to examine.

Her love creates a safe presence that makes me feel as if I were being held safely as I melt away any fears. She is a fantastic example of someone who “lives it to give it”, and I am so grateful that she is there when I need her!”


Lisa Levine, Seattle, WA


“I am finding new solutions that I didn’t think of before”


“Silvia really understands what my issues are and has taught me many new ideas and tools through a methodology that is very fun and useful.

I am becoming more conscious about my thoughts, and I am beginning to change them to more practical ways of thinking.  I am now finding new solutions that I didn’t think of before.

Even though she is in the US and I am in Italy, I appreciate the face-to-face sessions that we’ve had. I really appreciate very much having her as my coach and I highly recommend her.”

Alejandro De Luna, Milan, Italy


“I feel renewed and inspired”


“Silvia is absolutely generous, super smart, full of wisdom and meaningful experiences to share. An hour with her makes you feel renewed and inspired.”




Anelise Sa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“I fully upgraded myself and brought my dreams to life”

Serena Hicks

I can’t say enough about how choosing Silvia as a coach changed my life for the better.

Since we first met and started working together (just over a year ago now) I was promoted to produce my own lifestyle blogger video series at work, I opened the doors at my dance studio Bon Bon Barre – my life’s work begun! – and then I left the day job to blog on my own at while growing the studio.

ALSO, and perhaps more importantly, I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin; I feel more capable to make big changes (see above) and bring my dreams to life. I keep a daily gratitude journal and Silvia is on it regularly. If you’re thinking of upgrading a part of your life – or your whole life (I needed a full upgrade) I highly recommend you partner with Silvia to do so.

She uses proven techniques, is kind, non-judgmental yet able to gently nudge you through resistance. If there’s an inkling inside of you that insists there’s something better for you, but you can’t quite get there on your own, Silvia Silvia Silvia is for you!

Serena Hicks, Austin, TX


“I have new tools that I can use for a life time”

It was great to work with Silvia, her skills, knowledge, patience and enthusiasm where very helpful for me so that I could change many thinking patterns. I now see things from a totally different perspective, I feel more confident and I have new tools that I can use for a life time. Thank you Silvia!

Elena L., Houston, TX


“I reinvented myself thanks to my very dark moments”

14324583_1074503029251572_541556799918599357_oI was diagnosed with a meningioma which is a bening brain tumor 13 years ago, the tumor kept growing and I was having side effects and depression. 
I asked God to show me the way, and my inner wisdom guided me to encounter beautifully spiritual people like Silvia, Thick Nat Han, and Osho, these beautiful people were with me in very dark moments, and I am forever thankful. 
As a result:
* I refused to have surgery and told my neurologist and neurosurgeon I will only allow them to operate in case of a
major bleed
* I stopped my medications 
* I started taking salsa dancing lessons to help with my balance, and the dancer in me came out!
* I developed gratitude and love 
* I forgave myself and everybody who hurt me 
* I understood that if there was discomfort in my life, it was only temporary, all bad things go away 
* I got divorced and the tumor stopped growing 
* I learned to deal with death and was not afraid of “leaving my body” 
* I started living a very simple Zen life 
* I embraced yoga (particularly Ashtanga) and a healthier diet 
* I developed a child-like attitude and allow my little girl to be silly and play 
* I sorrounded myself with happy people and fake friends removed themselves from my life
* I found vipassana meditation 
I left the U.S. and moved to my beloved India and I am so happy and grateful to be here.
Gladys Aahana Huertas, Pune, India.

” I am learning how to respond to situations without letting them take over my life”


21740810_10209016058548675_612518867459845473_oI have been on an emotional roller-coaster for most of my life. After my divorce 10 years ago, ​I dated and got involved in several relationships that were always one-sided. 
Almost a year ago my last relationship ended and I decided to stop dating and focus on myself, my work and the travelling I’ve always wanted to do. I started reading and trying different methods to improve my life, but it was not going so well. 
This past March marks the most drastic change I have had in my personal life, I met Silvia, who was the answer to my prayers and wishes. She has been the one that has made me realize that I’m worth it and that I am the most important person in my life. That no matter who comes and goes, or what happens, I’m always going to be with myself.
Silvia is teaching me how to love me for me, and how to respond to situations without letting them take over my life. She has already taught me that I need to be my own priority, like the oxygen in the plane.
Silvia is showing me ways to improve my mind, learn how to listen to my needs, change my behavior and control old thoughts that disturb the present.  She is providing me with the tools to succeed, and every time I use them, I notice improvement. 
I’m blessed to have come across this incredible person who, not only has the knowledge to help me (and many others), but deeply cares about her clients.
My road is long and twisted, but the changes that have already come about since I have started Re-designing my life with Silvia, give me hope that I will succeed in life and reach all my goals.
Sonia Comisarenco, Austin, TX

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