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The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle


Hey Beautiful!

Who are you?

A mother, wife, companion, lover, doctor, psychologist, entrepreneur, employee, daughter, partner, student, sister, confidante, cook, chauffeur, secretary, concierge, etc.?

Same here! 

Like us, your life is full of responsibilities and obligations, triumphs, satisfactions, and worries and sometimes, you need a much-deserved break from the daily routine.

You have wonderful friends, they are as busy as you, and meeting them fills you with joy, especially when you need support to solve a problem in your life.

But sometimes, even with the support of your friends, you feel like you need some more help.

If you want the support of a community of women like you, who seek not only to be friends but also to encourage each other to grow personally and professionally, then you must join The Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle is a sacred space of friendship, personal development, and healing.

It is a space free of judgments where your voice is heard and where you have at your disposal a whole community of wonderful women of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures who will help you expand your mind and make your dreams come true.

How can The Golden Circle help you?

In your well-being:

  • To stop feeling so overwhelmed and burnt out by so many responsibilities
  • To find a way to create balance in your daily life and not end up so exhausted
  • To find inner peace and new purposes in your life that will make you feel young and happy
  • To promote wellness for you and your loved ones
  • To manage your emotions and recover faster from daily stresses and challenges

In your business or job:

  • To get help from other women entrepreneurs, to make your business a big success
  • To promote your products or services in a more authentic way
  • To  develop your career, get a job or start a new business venture
  • To make business alliances with other women so that all of you can benefit from your partnership

In your relationships:

  • To stop feeling lonely
  • To find the relationship you’ve been looking for
  • To improve your current relationship with your partner
  • To improve the way you relate to your children, friends, co-workers, clients, partners, etc.


The Golden Circle benefits you even more than a regular meeting with your friends because it offers you the power to extend your network of contacts, meet new friends and get their collaboration, from other points of view and with other resources that you may not yet have or do not know.

In addition, The Golden Circle meetings are guided by me,  a Life Coach with more than 10 years of experience working with groups of women who will share with our circle coaching resources that can greatly help you in your personal and professional life.

The Golden Circle is a magical and refreshing experience. It is a retreat. Your retreat. You can’t miss it!

What do we do at The Golden Circle?

We talk about what we want and need, share our fears, successes and talents, entertain ourselves, educate and learn from each other.

We laugh and have fun with different activities: music, dancing, magic, stories, coaching exercises, etc.

You can participate or just watch and use The Golden Circle as a safe place to hang out and do nothing at all.

We have so much to learn from each other!

Our meetings at The Golden Circle are better than just a regular meeting with friends. They are a source of useful advice and a safe space for women like you.

With the support of your new girlfriends you will clearly hear your own inner voice.

In this space we encourage each other to be vulnerable and we also empower ourselves to dare greatly, get what we need and go for what we want.

One for all and all for one.

How much does it cost?

Only $25 per session.

A single coaching session costs approximately $150.00 or more per hour. The value that The Golden Circle will bring to your life is priceless.


How often do The Golden Circle meetings take place?

Meetings at The Golden Circle are once a month. Dates and times will change, but you will be notified by invitation.

Be a part of our circle!


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