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How would you feel if you were living a life you love?…

How would your Life look like if you had the relationship that you’ve always wanted?…

Don’t settle for less. You can have BOTH!


I work with amazing people, like you, who are doing the best they can to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The only problem is that you are dissatisfied in some way:

  • You feel burned out at work.
  • You can’t find the proper balance between career, personal, and family time.
  • You are your worst critic and always expect the worst in any situation.
  • You’re going through a transition period in your life (midlife crisis, change of jobs, divorce…).
  • You put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list.
  • You are having trouble getting along with your children.
  • You suffer from anxiety, constant worry, depression or panic attacks.
  • You keep attracting partners that do not treat you as you wish they did.
  • You feel that your relationship or your life is missing “something”.
  • You feel very insecure about the possibility of going through another painful heartbreak.

You are constantly riding a roller-coaster of emotions; sometimes you feel OK, but often you are worried, and you feel overwhelmed because you don’t know how or where to start to end that continuous feeling of nagging dissatisfaction.

Together we will find what’s missing and what you can do to fix it, so that you can wake up every morning feeling excited, enjoying of nurturing relationships, being happy with who you are and what you do, and living a meaningful life!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could recognize what is holding you back and know exactly what to do to fix it?

How would you feel if you woke up every morning feeling excited about yourself and your day ahead?

You can make this happen! And you need to. Why?

Because this is your One & Only Life and how you feel matters!

And only you can do this for yourself.

If you are ready to heal your heart, live an amazing life and have a fulfilling relationship that makes you happy look no further, help is right here! 

Schedule a FREE phone consultation by sending me your information in the form located at the bottom of this page.

During our initial conversation, we will get to know each other and determine whether we are a good match as coach and client.

My coaching practice is completely personalized to your preferences and needs and I want to make sure that you’ll get what you are looking for.

If we decide to give it a go, you will choose from one of the following coaching packages:

The Emotional Renewal  – 6 sessions  $900

Are your mood swings driving you crazy?

Do you suffer from anxiety, constant worry, depression or panic attacks?

If so, the problem is that your emotions are controlling you rather than you being in control of them.

If you are tired of feeling bad most of the time, and you’re ready to take control of your emotions, The Emotional Renewal package will help you to:

  • Understand what really triggers your emotional swings.
  • Know what you can do to manage your anxiety, depression or panic attacks.
  • Use 5 no-fail resources to balance your emotions.
  • Have a reliable formula to turn your fear into power.
  • Know exactly what you need to do to feel renewed and re-inspired about your life.

You’ll go from constantly feeling drowned by big waves of overwhelm, to comfortably surfing through your emotions as a pro, feeling in total control and knowing what to do when they come at you.

Instead of just numbing your pain, hoping for a situation to change, or trying to manipulate others to change their behaviors so that you can feel good, you’ll know how to manage your mind and emotions so that you can find peace regardless of what is happening in the outside world.

Imagine if you could know how to handle stress in a healthier way, so that you can naturally get back to feeling better!

You’ll get a total of 5 one-on-one calls, follow up notes with recommendations and resources at the end of each session, e-mail support between sessions, and a follow up call one month after the end of our work together. Click here for more information about The Emotional Renewal.

The Relationship Renovation – 3 months $1500

Whether you’re heartbroken because of a divorce, the lack of a relationship, or are dissatisfied in your current relationship, this 3-month package is a great way for you to begin your journey into healing.

To begin, you’ll pick one of these amazing relationship programs that best suits your needs.

Our work will be focused on getting you immediate relief by healing your heart, teaching you how to control your emotions and eliminate your fears, and how to use powerful relationship strategies proven to help you find or create the relationship that you want.

By the end of our 3 months together, depending on your situation, you’ll be able to:

  • Heal and move on from a breakup, separation, or divorce.
  • Manage your emotions more effectively, without reacting and blowing up so easily regardless of what your partner does or says.
  • Know how to get what you really want from a partner.
  • Stop feeling lonely, whether you are in a relationship or not.
  • Be ready to attract a healthy partner into your life.
  • Inspire your partner to feel highly attracted to you, and spice up your relationship regardless of how long you have been together.
  • Stop worrying all the time about things like: your partner cheating on you, having to live unhappily ever after, etc.

You’ll get 9 one-on-one calls with me, follow up notes with recommendations and resources at the end of each session plus e-mail support between sessions and a follow up call one month after the end of our work together.

The Lifestyle Remodeling  – 3 months  $1500

If you dread waking up to another day of life-sucking responsibilities and you’re tired of feeling empty, old, lost, and overwhelmed this package is right for you.

This package will help you get your enthusiasm back so that you can feel as alive as you did when you were younger without all the many responsibilities that you’ve acquired over the years.

Reignite your dreams!

You’ll find purpose and joy without feeling guilty or afraid of neglecting all your other important responsibilities like your job, family, assets, etc.

By the end of 3-months you’ll be able to:

  •      Get clarity and a sense of purpose as well as direction in your life.
  •      Find out what really makes you happy and how to get it without feeling guilty.
  •      Understand what is holding you back from having a fulfilling life.
  •      Stop feeling like something is missing in your life.  
  •      Stop feeling burned out and overwhelmed.
  •      Know your priorities and drop all time-sucking stuff that usually overwhelms you and does not let you move  into the direction of what REALLY matters to you.

You’ll get all the benefits from The Life Redesign and The Emotional Renewal programs and a total of 9 one-on-one calls with me, follow up notes with recommendations and resources at the end of each session plus e-mail support between sessions and a follow up call one month after the end of our work together.

The Dream Life – 6 months $2900

This program is a total game changer for you, (and my personal favorite) because it helps you to completely redesign the areas in your life that are no longer working for you.

In The Dream Life you’ll get all the benefits from The Relationship Renovation and The Lifestyle Remodeling so that by the end of 6 months you’ll have the skills to:

  • Have the skills to heal your heart when you need to.
  • Nurture meaningful relationships.
  • Create balance in your daily routine (yes, it is possible!).
  • Get your enthusiasm back so that you can feel excited about your life.
  • Feel more energized and in a good mood most of the time.

By the end of our 6 months together, you’ll have a whole set of empowering tools under your belt that will help you to create sustainability in your life and your relationships. It will help you create a renewed lifestyle — not just a quick fix.

You’ll get a total of 18 one-on-one calls with me, follow up notes with recommendations and resources at the end of each session, e-mail support between sessions, and a few pampering surprises so that you’ll feel supported all the way through your renovation journey!

Weekend Reno $1350

If you live in Austin, TX be ready to immerse yourself in a personalized one-on-one weekend coaching experience focused on your specific Life Balance and/or Relationship needs, plus be ready to be pampered and (most importantly) have fun!

You’ll get 9 hours of personalized attention on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday where you’ll be able to work on redesigning your life beyond what’s possible on your own.

By the end of the weekend you will feel re-inspired, re-energized and renewed.

If you are usually pressed for time and want to get more bang for your buck this package is perfect for you.  

Why should you try life and relationship coaching?

“Do what you can with what you have where you are” – Theodore roosevelt

You should try life and relationship coaching because it will focus on bringing out the best in you. It will help you to:

  •     Be a more positive and secure person.
  •     Become aware of new possibilities that you couldn’t imagine before.
  •     Become a more compassionate person towards yourself and others.
  •     Be more resilient and stop feeling stressed or overwhelmed all the time.

You will never, EVER look at your life in the same way again!

Here’s what you can expect from working with me:

Confidentiality & Accountability

When you are working with me as your coach, you’ll feel that you are with a friend. I become your confidant, your mentor, your cheer leader, and your personal coach.  

I will always respect your privacy and keep everything you say in absolute confidence, so you can express your true thoughts and feelings with honesty. Working with me is like having a new and improved Best Friend!

“Alone we can do so little together we can do so much”- Helen keller

Flexibility And Convenience

Since our sessions are phone consultations you have the convenience of setting them up wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

No Judgement

I will not preach or tell you what you need to do. Your inner wisdom already knows that.

I will not judge, criticize, or get mad at you no matter what you say, or how you decide to act upon – or not act upon – any given situation. 

My job is to help you explore and navigate through your thoughts and emotions to find exactly what highly resonates within you, and then to create tangible solutions using coaching tools to help you achieve whatever it is that you are wanting.

My purpose as your coach is to help you create The Best version of yourself!

Empowerment for now and the future

The powerful coaching tools and strategies that you’ll learn, will not only help you with your current specific situation, but will also help you in other areas of your life.

Once you learn how to use these powerful tools, they will be available for you to keep and use anytime you need them.

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”

Coaching will work for you if you are committed to work on yourself!

SS 2015 8-2

“I was about to turn 50 going through my “midlife crisis” I guess, because I hit a point where I did not want to get out of bed: I was going through my divorce and having trouble getting along with my 15 year old daughter. I felt old, I worked too much, and I was very insecure about my future. I was a bit skeptical but finally made the decision to work with Silvia, and I’m so glad I did!  Life still has its challenges but now I see things through a different perspective, I know how to take care of myself and cheer me up when I’m feeling like crap, my daughter and I are finally having a good relationship, my heart is healing, and I feel good about my future. Slowly but surely, if you do what Silvia says, you’ll “Redesign your life”” – P. Schneider


“My journey with Silvia has been ever unfolding, organic, nurturing, smart, wise and increasing in confidence. Way before we met I had already taken meditation courses, yoga classes, held a Reiki certification, and created art professionally for more than 13 years. Working with her has just helped me take a quantum leap to trust my Intuition, meet a romantic partner (now married), and get better at my art work and business.

Basically my decisions tend to be more clear and loving and my priorities are more in alignment with my core desires!” – A. Martinez

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